Maintaining a leading position in developing quantum technologies requires the best students and education facilities. Educating a new generation of innovative quantum engineers is central to QuantumDTU. 



In mid 2016 a new hands-on quantum technologies teaching lab "QuantumLab" has been established as part of the teaching facility Nanoteket at DTU Physics. Here advanced experiments on modern quantum technologies are made available for students at DTU and physics students at high schools throughout the country.

The purpose of QuantumLab is to bring the fundamental phenomena underlying modern quantum technologies out of the lab and into the hands of the public. As quantum technologies start to find their way into our everyday lives, a broader awareness and understanding of quantum physics is required in society in general. At QuantumDTU we are serious about this outreach and communication responsibility and we strive to overcome the language barrier that is often challenges the mediation of quantum research to the public. We believe that this is best done by granting the public direct access to the research frontier. Nothing triggers the learning process better than hands-on experience and really getting a feel for the involved methods and technologies.

QuantumLab also aims to stimulate younger generations to take up education in fields relevant to the development of quantum technology. If QuantumDTU, and the nation as such, wishes to remain an internationally leading player on the quantum technology scene it is imperative that we attract the brightest and most innovative young minds and offer them the best possible education. We are confident that QuantumLab is an important step in that direction, and we have already experienced the interest for the project and the enthusiasm with which high school students work to unravel the mysteries of entanglement in the lab. For further information, see article in Science Nordic here.

Official opening

QuantumLab was officially inaugurated on March 27, 2017, with attendance from MP Jakob Engel-Schmidt (V), the supporting foundations, and cartoonist Anders Morgenthaler (New Creations) with whom we collaborate on developing a humorous take on quantum physics. On the same occasion, QuantumLab was visited by a physics class from Frederiksberg Gymnasium. Read the news article on the event here.

MP Jakob Engel-Schmidt (V)     Anders Morgenthaler

Students from Frederiksberg Gymnasium     Students from Frederiksberg Gymnasium

Danish University Extension (Folkeuniversitetet København)

In spring 2017, the course Handyman quantum physics (Gør-det-selv kvantefysik) was offered as part of the Danish University Extension in Copenhagen (Folkeuniversitet København) www.fukbh.dk. The course was centered around getting hands-on experience with some of modern quantum physics most intriguing phenomena using QuantumLab's facilities. The course received an overwhelming interest and the participants attacked the experimental challanges head-on with great enthusiasm and curiosity.

"Gør-det-selv kvantefysik" i QuantumLab     "Gør-det-selv kvantefysik" i QuantumLab

Currently, experiments on two-photon interference (Hong-Ou-Mandel interference) and demonstration of quantum entanglement via violation of Bell's inequality are offered at QuantumLab. The intention is to extend the facility in the future to cover experimentally a broader diversity of quantum technologies.


QuantumLab is sponsored by the Lundbeck Foundation, Otto Mønsteds Fond, Marie og M. B. Richters Fond and DTU Physics.


 Otto Mønsteds Fond


          Marie og M. B. Richters Fond






Ulrich Busk Hoff
Senior Adviser
DTU Physics
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Ole Lynnerup Trinhammer
Head of Nanoteket (experimetal teaching lab)
DTU Physics
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