Organization diagram


QuantumDTU is organized  into 5 components covering the centers activities. That is, Education, Outreach and Engagement, Innovation and Translation, PhD school and Networking.

To ensure efficiency, fast progression and the highest possible quality of our research and education, the center has a modern governance structure, diagrammatically sketched below. 

A steering comittee consisting of representatives from the partner institutes and chaired by professor Ulrik Andersen outline the center's strategy and monitor the progress. An external advisory board with members from industry and academia will assist the comittee in defining new strategies and will also serve to establish stronger links to industry as well as connections to national and international quantum technology programs. 

The day-to-day administration of the center is done by an operational leader which is the communucation link between the steering comittee and the various components of QuantumDTU. The operational leader ensures that the strategy and suggestions formulated by the comittee are implemented, sustained and refined continuously.