The mission for QuantumDTU is to position DTU internationally at the very forefront of the new quantum technological revolution within research, innovation and education.

Quantum technologies based on untapped quantum effects have recently begun to emerge. These technologies promise the development of ultra-fast computers, extremely secure communication systems and sensors with unprecedented accuracy. This second quantum revolution is likely to change our lives profoundly and strongly impact some of the world’s biggest markets.

Building upon the existing research activities at DTU within quantum technology, several of which belong to the international forefront, QuantumDTU coordinates and promotes joint activities combining the expertise of the partnering institutes. A unique interdisciplinary profile is provided by the breadth of technological competency within the center, which puts us in an ideal position for cutting through the mix in the highly competitive quantum technology programs.

Relation to the EU Quantum Technologies flagship.

At QuantumDTU our competitive advantage is quantum sensing and quantum communication, which are both central categories in the upcoming Quantum Technologies flagship program of the European Commission starting 2018. No other Danish university conducts research in for example quantum key distribution and quantum sensing based on diamond technologies. Apart from being unique to DTU, these areas are particularly close to industry.  

"Solid-state quantum sensors, such as NV centres in diamond, have been shown to be useful for measuring very small magnetic fields. This in turn may help with multiple applications, ranging from biosensors to magnetic resonance imaging and the detection of defects in metals."

"Quantum imaging devices use entangled light to extract more information from light during imaging. This can greatly improve imaging technologies by, for example, allowing higher resolution images through the use of squeezed light or creating the ability to produce an image by measuring one single photon which is entangled with a second, differently coloured and entangled photon that is being used to probe a sample."

- About Quantum Sensors (The Quantum Manifesto)

"Communication security is of strategic importance to consumers, enterprises and governments alike. At present, it is provided by encryption via classical computers, which could be broken by a quantum computer. This motivates the development of post-quantum cryptography, i.e. encryption methods that quantum computers could not break. Secure solutions based on quantum encryption are also immune to attacks by quantum computers, and are commercially available today, as is quantum random number generation – a key primitive in most cryptographic protocols."

- About Quantum Communication (The Quantum Manifesto)