Center leader

Ulrik Lund Andersen
DTU Physics
+45 45 25 33 06

About us

Quantum technology is becoming a pervasive technology that will within the next decades find its way into our everyday live. In 10 years it will be evident that quantum technology will have a similar status as biotechnology and nanotechnology have to day.    


QuantumDTU unites strong groups within the fields of physics, photonics, mathematics, biophysics and materials technology, and with this breadth of expertise and facilities combined in the center, unparalleled by any other related center in Denmark, we are in a unique position to take the lead - nationally as well as internationally - in the interdisciplinary process of developing new quantum technologies and transforming them into viable real-life applications.

Our competitive advantage lies in the fields of quantum sensing and quantum communication, and we are the only Danish center to conduct research in quantum key distribution and quantum sensing based on diamond technologies. These are topics that are particularly close to industry and we are currently involved in a number of external collaboration projects with both national and international industrial collaborators.



Highlighting our strong relation to industry, QuantumDTU is also part of the National Center on Quantum Technology, Qubiz, founded by the Innovation Foundation Denmark (IFD)



Quantum Manifesto

QuantumDTU endorses the Quantum Manifesto.

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